"Things to Avoid at a Public Pool" Is Dominating Twitter and These Tweets Are Killing Us

Things to Avoid In a Public Pool hashtag inspires a collection of very funny tweets about gross things you should avoid.

We're deep in the dog days of summer, people. Long and hot afternoons under the unforgiving sun, inevitably gave way to longer outings at the nearest public pool. You're coming up on an alarmingly extended series of continuous days spent dousing your body in that good 'ol chlorine. Those public pools though, they're tired too. Those pools have been overran by sunscreen-armored riotous packs of sugarhigh kids who are prone to uncontrollable fits of pissing when they've gotta go. Yes, those poor pools have seen better days. These tweets capture those perilous signs of a public pool gone awry that you should make every effort to avoid. And let me just be the first to say that since day fucking ONE, I've avoided those floating skin tags like the bubonic plague. 

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